Why do employers conduct drug tests?

The exact answer to this can vary slightly based on the employer, but in most cases it is directly related to safety or both the employee they are testing as well as the people around them. Consider for a moment the effects drugs and alcohol have on our system. They can greatly affect out response time, ability to make rational decisions, et cetera. Now, if these abilities were compromised, doing something like operating heavy machinery instantly becomes more dangerous.

However, there are regulations involved with workplace drug and alcohol testing. An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a recognized disability under the Ontario Human Rights Code, which means you cannot discriminate based on its presence for things like housing and employment. That said, employers are permitted to conduct drug tests if there is a demonstrated risk directly related to the job. As mentioned, this often comes down to things like operating heavy machinery or driving large vehicles. The full details on the drug and alcohol testing policies for workplaces in Ontario can be found on the Ontario Human Rights Commission website on their policy page.

The standard drug test for employment purposes does vary—the generally accepted test is a breathalyzer for alcohol, since it can also give an indicator on an individual’s impairment and is minimally invasive. Urine tests for drugs can demonstrate if there are currently drugs in their system, but these test often do not give an idea on how much the person took or if they are currently impaired. This is why blood tests are rising, since they are accurate in testing an individual’s impairment when it comes to drugs, but this type of test is also the most intrusive to the individual. This is why invasive tests are often only implemented after there is significant evidence in regards to drug impairment—otherwise, the minimally invasive tests like a breathalyzer come first.

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