‘High bay’ and ‘low bay’ are common descriptors for overhead lighting with industrial or commercial applications. Though it is not a technical term with a fixed definition, the difference is generally understood within the lighting industry and important to know when it comes to choosing a solution for your project.

High Bay vs. Low Bay Lighting

The primary difference between high and low bay lighting is the mounting height for which the luminaire or light is designed. Mounting height refers to the vertical distance between the light and the base of its fixture; or, in the case of a hanging or wall-mounted luminaire, the distance between the ground and the light.

High bay lighting refers to luminaires designed to be mounted at a vertical height of 20 feet or greater; low bay lighting is intended for heights of between 12 or 20 feet.

When customers ask for high bay lighting, they are typically looking to illuminate large, open rooms with great vertical and horizontal space, or vast outdoor spaces. High bay luminaires are built to sufficient light to illuminate a large surface area without the aid of natural light.

Common indoor applications for high bay lighting include:

  • Factory warehouses
  • Gymnasiums
  • Department stores
  • Covered sports stadiums

Common outdoor applications for high bay lighting include:

  • Sports fields
  • Parking lots
  • Airports
  • Public parks

To determine whether high or low bay lighting better suits your project, measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling (or in the case of an outdoor project, the ground and the intended mounting height). For heights exceeding 20 ft., it’s likely that high bay lighting will be an ideal solution.

Types of High Bay Lighting

The four main types of luminaires used for high bay lighting are:

  1. Metal Halide
  2. High-pressure sodium
  3. Fluorescent
  4. LED

In terms of pure illuminance and brightness, metal halides are usually the most powerful type of high bay lighting available. Metal halide lighting is often used to illuminate outdoor sports stadiums and very large warehouses. Unlike high-pressure sodium lights, metal halides provide good colour rendering, meaning they portray the colours of objects accurately compared to natural light; this is important for major games and other events that will be filmed and broadcasted.

The biggest downside to metal halides is the fact that they must ‘warm up’ before they reach their full illuminance, which can take up to half an hour.

High-pressure sodium and fluorescent lighting are types of gas luminaire, producing light inside of a transparent, gas-filled tube sealed at either end by electrodes. These luminaires are powerful and affordable, but they provide poor colour rendering and require a ballast to stabilize the light. Fluorescent lights contain mercury, which means they must be disposed of safely and carry higher maintenance costs.

Light emitting diodes or LED luminaires are highly efficient and durable, generating light in using solid-state materials inside of a microchip. This future-proof technology can be made even more efficient using automated lighting solutions for high bay LEDs, such as an energy management system. They provide good colour rendering and impressive illuminance, considering they come in a small package.

One of the chief concerns in choosing high bay lighting is maintenance. Since high bay luminaires are mounted at great heights, replacing and repairing them can be expensive in dangerous, requiring workers to use scaffolding, catwalks or hydraulic lifts in order to reach them. This makes the durability of LED luminaires appealing, and many companies are beginning to replace their existing gas luminaires with lighting solutions for high bay LEDS.

Vitamin drip is a kind of integrative medicine that includes supplement infusions: magnesium and vitamin C, straight to the body’s cells. It is known to be the quickest method to give your body the nourishment it needs. The procedure enables the nutrients to go directly into your circulation system, bypassing the digestive system which prevents diseases, advance speedy recuperation, and additionally keeps up your well-being to carry on with a more healthy living.

Here are the 10 benefits of having a vitamin drip in your body.

  1. Prompt outcomes

You will start to feel the positive outcomes on your body right away. In a few hours, you can feel the IV supplements taking effect. You’ll have more vitality, think more visibly, and get you in good mood.

  1. Quick treatment

Most vitamin drip treatments should be less than 60 minutes. You just simply unwind and appreciate the procedure in an open and stress-free manner.

  1. Immediate rehydration

IV treatment is the most productive approach to furnish your body with ideal hydration to help all crucial organ capacities. It can help avoid therapeutic issues like kidney stones, clogging, and harm to your muscles.

  1. Ensured vitamin absorption

With IV treatment, it’s guaranteed the nutrients are totally and immediately absorbed into your circulatory system, which enables your body to use them instantly.

  1. Perfect preventive treatment

IV treatment can be an effective advance out and about of preventive healthcare. The therapeutic dose of vitamin C has been appeared to be toxic to cancer cells and are notable for their adequacy in building resistance. Standard treatment can likewise help keep the advancement of unending conditions, as respiratory ailments and headaches.

  1. Battles the effects of environmental pollutants

Pollutants in the environment can incur significant damage on your wellbeing and your appearance. IV treatment supplies your body with the cancer prevention agents it needs to fend off untimely indications of maturing and help your body flush destructive toxins out of your body more adequately.

  1. Strengthens the immune system

The vitamin C is an imperative supplement for different reasons. It incorporates keeping your hair and skin sound, keeping up high vitality levels, as previously mentioned, and anticipating joint torment or potentially aggravation and delicate or draining gums.

  1. Decreases symptoms related to headaches

According to a medical research center, Magnesium insufficiency is identified with elements that advance cerebral pains, including synapse discharge and vasoconstriction.

  1. Helps your heart to stay healthy

The presence of magnesium in vitamin drip treatment may likewise positively affect your heart, as it could help bring down your danger of coronary illness and keep up a typical heartbeat.

  1. Prevents asthma attacks

The substance Magnesium is known to loosen up smooth muscle cells by decreasing intracellular calcium and to display a calming effect by adjusting T-cells and stifling mast cells.

Why do employers conduct drug tests?

The exact answer to this can vary slightly based on the employer, but in most cases it is directly related to safety or both the employee they are testing as well as the people around them. Consider for a moment the effects drugs and alcohol have on our system. They can greatly affect out response time, ability to make rational decisions, et cetera. Now, if these abilities were compromised, doing something like operating heavy machinery instantly becomes more dangerous.

However, there are regulations involved with workplace drug and alcohol testing. An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a recognized disability under the Ontario Human Rights Code, which means you cannot discriminate based on its presence for things like housing and employment. That said, employers are permitted to conduct drug tests if there is a demonstrated risk directly related to the job. As mentioned, this often comes down to things like operating heavy machinery or driving large vehicles. The full details on the drug and alcohol testing policies for workplaces in Ontario can be found on the Ontario Human Rights Commission website on their policy page.

The standard drug test for employment purposes does vary—the generally accepted test is a breathalyzer for alcohol, since it can also give an indicator on an individual’s impairment and is minimally invasive. Urine tests for drugs can demonstrate if there are currently drugs in their system, but these test often do not give an idea on how much the person took or if they are currently impaired. This is why blood tests are rising, since they are accurate in testing an individual’s impairment when it comes to drugs, but this type of test is also the most intrusive to the individual. This is why invasive tests are often only implemented after there is significant evidence in regards to drug impairment—otherwise, the minimally invasive tests like a breathalyzer come first.

Turning to DriverCheck for employer drug testing ensures you receive timely and accurate results.


It truly ought to be no decision at all. A conventional in ground cement pool is constantly the much better option of swimming pools of you can pay for one. Or is it?? Why not look and stop at all the pros and cons before you allow this logic on face value because the fact is the world teems with people who regret having an in ground swimming pool installed.

To start of with the rate disparity in between the 2 kinds of pools has gown by huge proportions. Think it due to the fact that it’s not uncommon now for people to pay over a hundred thousand dollars for the same swimming pool that cost maybe twenty- 5 thousand a years back.

Likewise understand that a conventional swimming pool home builder is going to do his best to attempt to up-sell you on every expense improving feature that there is. On the other hand, you can purchase an above ground swimming pool in one total bundle that consists of not one up-sell sales pitch. One set cost for your swimming pool.


So similar to driving a new automobile off a lot, you’re going to take monetary hit on a brand new integrateded swimming pool. On the other hand, with above ground pool costing but a fraction of what what an integrateded costs, it only stands to reason that the financial, depreciation loss would be significantly less.

Can you believe it?

Above ground pool are starting to end up being less and less popular these days due to the fact that they require stairs and in some cases even a deck to access the swimming pool, which can result in injuries if children are left unattended. Due to the fact that they are level with the ground and no one has to climb a ladder to reach the water, irreversible pools are simple to access. When no one is seeing, a gate can be put in front of the stairs to an above ground swimming pool that can prevent kids from accessing the pool.


But, What About…

Whether a piece of property has an integrated swimming pool or an portable swimming pool, the owner of the building is legitimately accountable to have a fence put up around their property to keep roaming youngsters away from the swimming pool. Landscaping can easily be performed around in-ground pool, which can raise the property value of the land where the pool lies. If you like hosting summer swimming pool parties at night, pool can provide people with a lot of excitement since they have interior lighting that makes it simpler to swim when the sun sets.

Since they have lights that assist to light up the inside of the pool, people that desire to swim at night must buy in-ground swimming pools. People enjoy swimming in the morning and late in the evening in their in-ground swimming pools so they acquire ones that have water heating units so that the water is warm enough to delight in. Pool can be bought from pool contractors all over the country along with pool specialized shops.

Constantly remember that the fact is that you’re only going to be using your pool for about half the year. Oh sure, in the planning phases you might believe that you’re choosing winter swims. Nevertheless; after a few of those, similar to many people you’ll most likely discover that it’s much nicer to remain warm and dry on cold winter season nights.

Do you ever wonder to yourself where the water we drink comes from?  Interesting question isn’t it considering that 71% of the Earth is covered by water.  The oceans hold about 96.5% of ALL of Earth’s water.  So why is it that some people in the world don’t have enough water?  I’m here to answer those questions.


You see, the water we drink either has to be fresh water and filtered through a system.  There is only about 3.5% of fresh water in lakes, glaciers and polar ice caps.  That’s the only drinkable water that doesn’t have to be filtered extensively.  65% of our drinking water actually comes from rivers and streams.  Then there are companies that create systems to filter that water from the rivers and lakes and treats it to federal and provincial required purity water levels.  After the water is deemed safe enough for us, it is pumped into our homes.  Some homes even have their own filtering system to pump in the water from the kitchen sink through an even more purified filter system so that it is safe to drink.  There are so many places in the world where people are not able to gain access to clean, purified water.  This causes diseases and viruses due to unclean and unhealthy water.  This may cause huge damages to the health and nervous system.  We need to find more fresh water along with more processes of filtering water.  This can be done through extensive research with the help of ROV’s (remotely operated vehicles), also known as Underwater Drones and other tools.

Yes, the water system is a cycle which includes precipitation.  Water can also be found underground.  However, all ways of getting water is complicated and takes a lot of time, energy, effort, and funds in order to process it correctly.  We need to find ways of getting water to those who aren’t able to access clean water more efficiently and effectively.

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